Solar Standard Strip

Our Standard Strip Solar heating from Sunlover Heating is comprised of state of the art co-extrusion techniques to provide a multilayered composite solar strip collector, with the best performance and warranty in the industry. The internal red tube is specifically designed for maximum chemical resistance, and has prime sealing around manifolds and barbs, minimising the risk of leaks.

The matte black external layer is designed with the best UV weathering resistance levels, promoting longevity and low maintenance costs. Its tough material contains a high matting agent which improves solar absorption and resists mechanical damage and puncturing.

Red Inside

Specifically formulated for maximum chemical resistance

Increased resistance to collapse from vacuum crush

Optimum sealing around manifolds and barbs, so no leaks

Round tube design for maximum resistance to crushing & splitting

Black Matte Outside

The best UV weathering resistance package available, resulting in longer life

Material contains a ‘high matting agent’ which greatly improves solar absorption, providing superior performance & efficiency

Is also formulated to have increased toughness to resist mechanical damage and puncturing

10 Tube Efficiency

10 Tubes

Maximising wet area per m2

Faster heat up times

Extend swimming season even further

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