Rigid Solar System

As the most durable solar panel available, Sunlover Heating’s Rigid Solar Systems have an extremely efficient design to reduce heat loss, a high rating of 93.5 BTU/m2, and are freeze resistant. Unlike other solar systems, rigid solar isn’t affected by windy conditions due to their connection, meaning they can stay warmer for longer! The fully moulded tubes provide the ultimate in strength and durability, and the solar collector rubes are manufactured with extra thickness to promote longevity.

Rigid Solar System panels are so well built and durable, that they can withstand the strength of a 241kn/h cyclone! Each and every panel is pressure tested to certify their strength. Even better, once installed, there is no additional maintenance or cost required! Rigid Solar Panels come with an unrivalled 25-year warranty, and is cockatoo and vermin resistant!

25-Year Warranty

Bird Proof

Freeze Resistant

Low Maintenance Costs

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