Pool Heat Pumps

If you require more reliable heating all year round, or you don’t have enough roof space to install a solar heating system, our heat pumps may just be the ideal solution for you! Our Oasis Heat Pumps have low operating costs, and will keep your pool swimming-ready, no matter what the season! There is no reliance on the sun, and no need to plan ahead to turn on the heat.

Oasis Heat Pumps have the most reliable components available on the market, arming them with a longer service life and more efficient performance. The quality and reliability of this brand is unrivalled, with all products passing stringent factory tests before being certified.

Component Benefits

Digital Controller

Hydrophilic Fin Coil Coating

Rustproof & Anti-Corrosive

Fan Design (Whisper Quiet)

Reverse Cycle Defrost

Internal Flow Switches

Built In Drains

Slim Line Design

Ozone Friendly & Highly Efficient Refrigerant (R410A R407)

World Class Specification

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X Series

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Specifically designed to extend the swimming season of your pool and maintain a warm water temperature for up to 8 months a year

With a Titanium spiral heat exchanger the X10 & X16 Heat Pumps are more efficient than standard heat exchanges and comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

  • 10% more Heating Capacity
  • Heating and cooling with Auto Defrost
  • Retrofits to existing filtration system
  • Rustproof & Anti-corrosive
  • Super quite operation
  • X10 comes with three pin plug – No electrician required

I Series

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Oasis I Series Heat Pumps can reduce energy use through their variable speed function.

Oasis I Series works very quietly thanks to a unique ventilation internal structure. The unit is fitted with a silence mode to make sure you meet your councils noise requirements and keep your neighbours happy.

As an added upgrade, each unit can be fitted with a Wi-Fi module providing direct connection to your heat pump (AP Mode) via your smart phone.

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