About Solar

Whether you opt for Standard Strip, Rigid or NanoTek, all solar pool heating systems will cost less in the long term than any other form of pool water heating. You can extend your summer knowing your pool will be the optimum temperature for a dip using our proven solar technology.

You can pre-set and forget your desired water temperature and preferred operating times! You can also change your settings at any time using an electronic controller. This is ideal for when you would like it to be cooler during a Summer heatwave, or warmer during the Spring!

Sunlover Heating solar panels are designed by leading polymer engineers. Cold water is pumped from your pool, travels through a solar absorber on your hot roof, collects heat, then makes its way back into your pool.

Our Service Process

1. Contact & Request A Quote

You can get in touch with us via phone, email or form submission on our Contact page. Alternatively, you can go right ahead and Request a Quote!

2. We'll Contact You Within 24 Hrs

Once you have made an enquiry, you can expect a call back within 1 business day. During the call, we will discuss your requirements and make preliminary recommendations.

3. Preliminary Quote Using NearMaps

We utilise aerial imagery technology through NearMaps to measure the surface area of your roof, enabling us to offer you a solar system quote before even coming to visit!

4. Onsite Meeting

We come to you, no matter where you are in SA, to get a better understanding of your needs, to enable us to tailor a pool heating system that is perfect for you!

5. Accept Quote & Schedule Job

Once you have approved our quote, we will schedule work to begin as soon as possible, so you can start enjoying your heated pool!

6. Pool Heating System Installed

Whether it’s a pool heat pump, standard strip solar, rigid solar, or NanoTek solar, we will install your system to the absolute highest standard.

7. After Sale Service

We don’t just walk away when the job’s done. We offer annual servicing on all products, and are always happy to answer any general enquiries you have about your system.

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